The Innovative Process of Xues Distiller

Xues Distiller is an innovative distillation process that combines traditional pot still distillation with continuous distillation technology, achieving a more efficient distillation process and exceptional flavors. Its uniqueness lies in the concepts of “direct distillation of raw wine” and “concentrate first, then distill.”

Pot Still Structure

Similar to Charente distillation, Xues Distiller employs two or three pot still structures, including the still pot, onion head, and swan neck, all sharing a single condenser. Because low-strength raw wine cannot achieve high-proof finished products in a single distillation, traditional Charente distillation condenses and collects the first distillation’s distillate before a second distillation. Unlike Charente, Xues Distiller’s first distillation batch does not cool the evaporated alcohol and flavor substances. Instead, these components pass directly through the tails pipe into the second pot.

Concentration and Redistillation

In the second stage, the distillate directly enters the second pot, mixing with the raw wine to be distilled, increasing the raw wine’s alcohol content. This allows the distillation to produce a finished product of approximately 70 degrees. This method of distilling without separating from the raw wine ensures the distillation process always retains the rich flavors of the raw wine. During the second pot’s distillation process, the heads, hearts, and tails are separated and transported through their respective dedicated pipelines, avoiding any mixing. The tails then re-enter the next pot through the tails pipeline for the subsequent distillation cycle. After each pot’s distillation is complete, the next pot’s distillation begins, allowing the system to operate continuously.

Energy-Saving Advantage

A major energy-saving advantage of Xues Distiller is that the tails do not cool before entering the next pot. This reduces the consumption of cooling water and the energy required to heat the liquid tails to boiling and evaporation again, effectively saving the heat required for two phase changes. This is the key reason why Xues Distiller is energy efficient.

Multiple Batch Distillation

Unlike the continuous distillation of column or tower stills, Xues Distiller’s batch distillation achieves balanced distillates. Through multiple distillations, the copper still thoroughly refines the raw wine components, resulting in a superior flavor.

This innovative distillation process not only improves the quality of the finished product, ensuring perfect flavor but also significantly enhances energy efficiency, marking a significant breakthrough in modern distillation technology.

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