Red Copper Pot Still Distillation

Copper-The Best Material For Distiller

Besides the physical features of thermal conductivity and malleability, there are three chemical features of copper make it important to distillation.

Copper catalyzes esterification reactions

Copper is an active chemical

Copper can act as a filtering medium

Copper is the catalyst for esterification reactions

In the case of esterification reactions, esters are produced. which contribute to pleasant floral and fruity aromas. For example, the acetic acid and ethanol react in a copper-catalyzed reaction to produce ethyl acetate, which has fruity and floral aromas. Butyric acid and alcohol, with the catalysis of copper, result in ethyl butyrate, a compound with a pineapple-like aroma.

Copper plays the role of a reactive chemical

It reacts with sulfides, which has unpleasant and stink odor, and forms copper sulfate. It effectively eliminates toxic hydrocyanic acid by combining with it to form copper soap.

Copper can act as a filtration medium

Copper can attracting and binding certain compounds, onto its surface. It can adsorb compounds like aldehydes, which contribute to harsh or pungent flavors, resulting in a more refined and mellow spirit.

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