Frequently Asked Questions About Xues’ Distiller

Due to Xues’ Distiller the patented multi pot still continuous distillation system, the spirit has the unique flavor with multi-level, intertwined and complex aromas. The taste of spirit exceeds your expectations of traditional distillation methods, which we call taste bud conquering.
Automatic control and remote control helps to ensure the product spirit quality without much attention.
Xues’ Distiller unique design for heat recycle helps to minimize the cooling water consumption and energy consumption.
Beside, Xues’ Distiller multi pot still distillers are skid mounted or container mounted for moving to the sites during brandy distillation season.

If you want to make the spirits with the most outstanding flavor, like brandy, whiskey, gin, tequila and other spirits, Xues’ Distiller the patented multi pot still distillation system is your best choice. With mesh panel installed and various heating ways including electric heating, steam coil heating and steam direct heating, Xues’ Distiller is able to handle liquid, solid and viscous fluids raw materials.

Xues’ Distiller is economical in energy consumption due to its unique heat management. The heat in the distillate is absorbed and recycled by the base wine that is to be processed before entering the pot. Meanwhile the distillate is cooled. On the other hand, the tail from the pot still is directly added to the next pot for processing without cooling and saves energy.

More distillation creates more aromas.

Xues’ Distiller employs a multi-pot still distillation system inspired by the traditional Charente pot still. Each of Xues’ Distiller’s pot stills functions as an authentic Charente pot still. By interconnecting multiple pot stills through a pipeline, enabling them to operate in series, Xues’ Distiller achieves continuous distillation and production, a capability not achievable with a Charente still.
In the case of Xues’ Distiller, the transfer of distillate from one pot to another occurs within a closed-loop system, ensuring the maximum retention of flavor substances. Distillation batches seamlessly progress in time, optimizing the utilization of thermal energy in the distillate.

With linear heating process to the pot still, there is relation between temperature and alcohol concentration. By measuring the temperature at certain position, we can tell the alcohol concentration and link it to automatic control system.
Each pot still is equipped with three-outlet pipeline system, which enables dedicated outlet for head, heart and tail.
For manual models, by watching the temperature gauge and with experience, the operator manually open and close the valves for the cutting to head, heart and tail.
For automatic models, the automatic control system receives input signals from temperature switches installed at each pot still onion head and functions the solenoid valves at each pipeline to control the distillate stream.

Xues’ Distiller is dedicated to commercial grade high performance distillery equipment. Xues’ Distiller pursues taste-bud-conquering spirits that distinguishes it from usual stills.
Besides its patented multi pot still distillation methods, it uses red copper as raw material for pot still, pipeline and heat exchanger. In order to minimize the human impact of operator, Xues’ Distiller invented the automatic control and mobile control APP for unattended automatic operation of the distillation system.
Due to the cost, Xues’ Distiller is not suitable for moonshine. The XD20L-2M small size manual control pot still is designed for pilot batches for commercial distilleries or high-end moonshine players.

Xues’ Distiller invented the genius way of cooling with material wine. In winter the brandy distillation season, due to improved working process, the cooling water consumption can be minimized to zero.

The biggest model ever is XD-3000L-3 for the biggest brandy distillery in Asia.

The smallest model is XD-20-2 that can produce 15L in 8 hours operation, good for private and training before commercial production.

Xues’ Distiller features a patented multi-pot still distillation system that seamlessly transitions the distillate to relay distillation batches, ensuring a continuous production of high-alcohol content spirit. The end product can achieve an impressive 70% alcohol by volume (abv).

Distillation is important to spirits because it allows for the production of beverages with much higher alcohol content than is possible through brewing or fermentation. This is why spirits such as vodka, whiskey, gin, and rum have such high alcohol contents.
In addition to increasing the alcohol content, distillation also changes the flavor profile of the beverage. This is because the distillation process removes some of the impurities from the fermented liquid, leaving behind a more concentrated and flavorful beverage.
The type of still used and the number of distillations can affect the flavor of the spirit. This is why there are so many different types of spirits available, each with its own unique flavor profile.

To taste the sample spirit is the most efficient way to judge the pot still performance. We offer sample brandy, whiskey and rum in 350ml bottles to be shipped by express. With the sample spirit you can experience the unique and unparalleled flavor contributed by Xues’ Distiller. Please contact us for sample sending.

Xues’ Distiller uniquely blends the traditional Charente pot still approach with a modern twist. It operates on a batch-by-batch continuous process, where multiple interconnected pot stills work in series. This setup allows for continuous distillation similar to a column still but retains the artisanal quality of batch processing. The main advantage is the preservation of complex flavors, as each batch seamlessly transitions to the next within a closed-loop system, optimizing flavor retention and thermal efficiency.

In contrast, the column still operates on a continuous flow principle, ideal for large-scale production. It efficiently separates alcohol in a vertical setup with multiple plates, consistently producing high volumes of spirits with a neutral flavor profile, such as vodka or gin.

Thus, while Xues’ Distiller emphasizes the artisanal quality and flavor complexity of a batch process in a continuous system, the column still focuses on high efficiency and consistency in a true continuous flow setup.

The concept of “lingering aroma in an empty glass” refers to the rich and complex fragrance that remains in a glass after the brandy has been consumed. It signifies the superior quality of the brandy, demonstrating its depth and richness in aroma that persists even in the absence of the liquid. This enduring scent in an empty glass is a hallmark of fine brandy, indicative of its meticulous crafting and the excellence of its ingredients.

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