Xues’ Distiller’s New Year Summary

Happy Chinese New Year! Welcome to Xues’ Distiller, where we offer patented multi-pot still continuous distillation equipment for unparalleled spirits.

Three pot stills each volume 3000L and a huge heat exchanger, all system made in red copper
3000L pot still continuous distiller

In the past year, several of our clients have been awarded medals in international spirit competitions such as FISA and SFWSC. We’re currently constructing two sets of our largest model, each featuring three single pots with a capacity of 3000L, for a client who won at SFWSC and is looking to expand their whiskey production.

Our international customers have praised the quality of our sample spirits, highlighting the importance of tasting to evaluate the performance of our pot stills. We believe in the power of taste and are committed to providing unique, flavor-conquering experiences. We have 300ml bottles of sample whiskey and brandy ready for sharing. If you’re planning to start a distillery, we highly recommend reaching out to us for a sample of our spirits, offering an amazing and unprecedented tasting experience. This unparalleled experience is made possible exclusively through Xues Distiller’s patented multi-pot still continuous distillation system. You may taste our sample spirits to verify this.

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