Gisbelle Whisky Wins Award, Xue’s Distiller Takes Credit

Congratulations To The Winning Of Gold Medals By Xue’s Distiller Customer.

In May 2023, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) was held as scheduled in San Francisco, USA, and three whiskies from Yantai Gisbelle Distillers’ Symbol series (Konzen single malt whisky, “2015” single malt whisky, and Symbol whisky) won the 2023 SFWSC with their craftsmanship and quality.
We are honored that Xue’s Distiller exclusively supplied five XD1750-3 stills, a continuous three-still distillation unit with a single still capacity of 1,750L, to Gisbelle for the distillation of all of the company’s apple brandies and whiskies. The equipment adopts the patented pot still distillation method, continuous distillation in multiple pots, and the liquor is produced in one go, the flavor substances are effectively retained, the aroma is strong and rich, and the liquor is full-bodied and pure.
The award is also an affirmation that Xue’s distiller multi pot still continuous distillation equipment, and we are proud of it.

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