History of xues’ Distiller


Xue Wanjie’s journey begins at Changyu, Asia’s largest brandy distillery


Retirement from Changyu marks the culmination of 50 years of experience


Xue’s Distiller company is established, securing the first invention patent for a multi-still distiller


A breakthrough achievement as Xue’s Distiller obtains the invention patent for a three-still distiller


Embracing modern technology, Xue’s Distiller introduces a remote control App for seamless operation

Founder’s Journey

Pioneering Distilling Innovations

The Changyu Connection

In 1953, the founder of Xue’s Distiller, Xue Wanjie, embarked on a monumental chapter of his career by joining Changyu, the largest brandy distillery in Asia. This pivotal experience provided him with invaluable knowledge and expertise in the art of distillation, fueling his passion for innovation.

Retiring From Changyu, A New Chapter Begins

In 1998, after dedicating decades to Changyu, Xue Wanjie retired from his esteemed position. However, his thirst for pushing the boundaries of distilling excellence remained insatiable. It was during this transformative period that he decided to embark on a new entrepreneurial journey, fueled by a vision to redefine distillation technology.

Xue Wanjie’s work photo at Chang Yu

Invention And Patents

Revolutionizing Distillation Technology

In 2008, Xue’s Distiller was founded, marking the birth of a groundbreaking era in distillation. Combining 50 years of experience with the latest advancements in technology, Xue Wanjie obtained the first invention patent for the multi-still distiller, setting a new standard for efficiency and quality in spirit production.

The Three-Still Distiller Breakthrough

In 2014, Xue’s Distiller achieved another milestone with the invention patent of the three-still distiller. This breakthrough innovation further elevated the capabilities of our distillation equipment, enabling continuous production batches and unparalleled control over the distillation process.

3-pot distiller installation and commissioning

A Legacy Continued

Legacy Passed On Xue Wanjie

In 2008, Xue Wanjie’s son, Xue Wei, joined his father’s quest for distillation perfection. Together, they founded the company at the remarkable age of 73, ensuring the legacy of Xue’s Distiller would be carried forward with the same dedication and passion.

Advancements In Automation And Control

With each passing year, Xue’s Distiller continued to evolve and embrace cutting-edge technology. In 2014, the fully automatic control system was developed, harnessing the power of automation to streamline operations, reduce labor intensity, and ensure consistent and precise distillation results.

Xue Wei at China Distillers Alliance Training Event

Recognition And Acclaim

Testimonials From Industry Leaders

Wang Gongtang, the former chief engineer of Changyu Company, recorded the remarkable story of Xue Wanjie in his book “The Legend of Chang Yu.” Xue Wanjie’s unwavering determination, ingenuity, and exceptional problem-solving skills made him a revered figure in the industry, leaving an indelible mark on Changyu Company.

Endorsements From Industry Experts

Renowned figures in the world of spirits have recognized the exceptional quality and innovation of Xue’s Distiller. Zhang Baochun, the chief master of Chinese brandy, included Xue’s Distiller among the prestigious forms of distillation in a lecture, alongside Charente pot stills, tower stills, and column stills.

The China Alcoholic Beverage Association (CBA) used Xues’ Distiller as a seminar case study, distinguishing it as a separate category of stills by its multi-pot continuous distillation that differs from traditional pot stills and tower stills.

CBA Seminars