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Changyu, Xues’ Distiller User


Xues’ Distiller is located in Yantai city where the famous Penglai Production Area is located and the biggest brandy distillery Changyu and the leading whiskey distiller Gisbelle are located as well as other distilleries who are our users. Welcome to visit us and see our multi pot still distillation systems working on site.

Xues’ Distiller Cellar & Sample Spirits


Xues’ Distiller has a self-owned cellar with brandy, whiskey, rum and other spirits distilled from our multi pot still distillers. Welcome to taste the sample spirits and find out the difference it makes.

Xues’ Distiller Workshop


Share your ideas and discuss with our specialists in spirits distillation, see what we can do to meet your needs with the patented multi pot still systems.

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No. 47 Sangyuan Road, Chifu District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China 264001


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For general inquiries, we recommend contacting us via email: inquiry@xuesdistiller.com
For urgent matters, please call our customer support hotline: 86 13810062275

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