The World’s First Multi-Pot Continuous Distillation System-
Innovative Process For Exquisite Flavors

Revolutionizing Distillation Technology, Pursuing Exceptional Flavors

Xues Distiller is dedicated to crafting spirits with exceptional flavors. By revolutionizing traditional distillation processes, Xues Distiller has become a leader in the industry.

Innovative Multi-Pot Equipment

Xues Distiller’s unique multi-pot equipment features a continuous distillation process with intermittent output. This groundbreaking technology has earned national patents for both the equipment and the process. Recognized by the China Alcoholic Drinks Association, Xues Distiller stands alongside traditional pot still, column still, and tower still distillation methods as one of the four major distillation forms.

Three pot stills each volume 3000L and a huge heat exchanger, all system made in red copper
two heat isolated pot stills and one heat exchanger connected with pipeline, the surface is hand hammered

Direct Distillation of Raw Wine: A Revolutionary Concept

Our distillation equipment represents more than just an upgrade in form; it embodies our commitment to the flavor of spirits. The “direct distillation of raw wine” technology and concept, pioneered by Xues Distiller, seamlessly integrates the core processes of “concentration” and “extraction.” Our meticulously designed multi-pot still directly distills raw wine, ensuring that the distillation process always retains the richness of the original wine. This method preserves the diverse aromatic compounds in the raw wine, resulting in finished spirits with a layered aroma, smooth texture, and exceptional aging potential.

Precision Control: Segregated Transport and Accurate Management

Xues Distiller has ingeniously developed a system of segregated pipelines to transport the heads, hearts, and tails separately. This allows for precise control and separation of different components, enabling meticulous management of the pot still distillation process and ensuring that every drop of spirit meets high-quality standards.

Keeping Up with the Times: Integration of Automation and Intelligence

To meet modern demands, Xues Distiller employs patented automated control technology to minimize human interference, allowing high-quality distillation to be accurately and consistently replicated. We also support remote monitoring via mobile phones, enabling users to oversee the distillation process in real-time and access online support from Xues Distiller, ensuring every production stage is under control.

Crafting the World’s Best Spirits with Xues Distiller

After decades of development, Xues Distiller has gained international acclaim and widespread praise from global customers. Products produced using Xues distillation equipment have won numerous awards, including the FISA French International Spirits Gold Medal, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) Gold Medal, and the China Alcoholic Drinks Association Qingzhuo Award. As the ideal choice of commercial distilleries, Xues Distiller will continue to focus on innovative distillation technology research and quality enhancement, creating unparalleled spirit flavors. Craft the world’s best spirits with Xues Distiller!

Configurations and Options For Patented Multi Pot Still

Structure of Multi Pot Still

Dual or triple pot stills

Single or dual onion head

Swan neck

Three way output pipeline

Heat exchanger/condenser

Xues’ Distiller is dedicated to premium quality commercial distillery, only use red copper as raw material of pot still.

Control System and Components

PLC control system

Touch screen monitor (local)

Remote control App via smart phone

Temperature switches

Magnetic flip-flop level meter

Temperature gauges

Solenoid valves

Accessories of Pot Body

Heat insulation jackets

Removable mesh panels

Single or dual onion head

Sight glasses


Heating methods to pot still

Electric heating elements

Steam heating coils

Steam direct inlets



Container-Mounted 1000L Triple Pot Still

container Mounted

Xues’ Distiller is deeply involved in the distilled spirits production process.

Patented Multi Pot Continuous Still

We offers distillation equipment rental business to local customers, which is the source and proof of our professionalism. We have a container mounted XD1000L-3 triple pot still distiller that can be loaded on truck for easy transportation and ready to use on site. And smaller sizes like XD500L-3 and XD260L-3 triple pot still continuous distillers for high quality spirits are available in stock.

Models and Specifications of Patented Multi Pot Still

ModelDescriptionNominal spirit output/material wine need for 8 hoursHeating methodPowerDimensions
XD20L-2MDual Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 20L, Manual Control15L/80-100LElectric/steam 380V 1.5KW-4KW1450*500*1300
XD50L-2MDual Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 50L, Manual Control30L/160L-200LElectric/steam coil/steam380V3.5KW-5KW1800*660*1700
XD50L-2Dual Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 50L, Automatic Control30L/160L-200LElectric/steam coil/steam380V3.5KW-5KW1800*660*1700
XD50L-3Triple Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 50L, Automatic Control50L/200L-300LElectric/steam coil/steam380V 3.5KW-5KW2750*660*1700
XD100L-3Triple Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 100L, Automatic Control80L/360L-550LElectric/steam coil/steam380V 5KW-12KW3100*800*1850
XD260L-3Triple Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 260L, Automatic Control150L/600L-800LElectric/steam coil/steam380V 7KW-15KW3500*950*2000
XD500L-3Triple Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 500L, Automatic Control250L/1500L-2000LSteam/steam coil380V 30KW5500*1200*3200
XD1000L-3Triple Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 1000L, Automatic Control500L/2500L-3000LSteam/steam coil380V 50KW7200*1500*3300
XD3000L-3Triple Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 3000L, Automatic Control1000L/8000L-10000LSteam/steam coil380V 90KW10530*2200*4560