Patented Multi Pot Still Continuous Distillation System

The Art of Distillation Unleashing the Essence of Exceptional Spirits

At Xues’ Distiller, we take pride in revolutionizing the art of distillation with our patented multi pot still continuous distillation system. Designed to perfection, our distiller is the ideal choice of commercial distilleries for a wide range of spirits. With creative continuous and relay distillation, it effortlessly transforms low-alcohol material wine into exquisite high-alcohol product spirit, enhancing its unique and unmatched flavor. It’s perfect for crafting top-notch brandy, whisky, rum, gin, and tequila, unlocking endless possibilities for distilleries and connoisseurs. 

Our distiller is meticulously crafted, featuring two or three pot stills, a heat exchanger, triple outlet pipelines, and an advanced electrical control system.

Let’s take a journey of exploring how Xues’ Distiller creates the taste-bud-conquering spirits.

XD3000L-3 Commercial Triple Pot Still

Configurations and Options For Patented Multi Pot Still

Structure of Multi Pot Still

Dual or triple pot stills

Single or dual onion head

Swan neck

Three way output pipeline

Heat exchanger/condenser

Xues’ Distiller is dedicated to premium quality commercial distillery, only use red copper as raw material of pot still.

Control System and Components

PLC control system

Touch screen monitor (local)

Remote control App via smart phone

Temperature switches

Magnetic flip-flop level meter

Temperature gauges

Solenoid valves

Accessories of Pot Body

Heat insulation jackets

Removable mesh panels

Single or dual onion head

Sight glasses


Heating methods to pot still

Electric heating elements

Steam heating coils

Steam direct inlets



Container-Mounted 1000L Triple Pot Still

container Mounted

Xues’ Distiller is deeply involved in the distilled spirits production process.

Patented Multi Pot Continuous Still

We offers distillation equipment rental business to local customers, which is the source and proof of our professionalism. We have a container mounted XD1000L-3 triple pot still distiller that can be loaded on truck for easy transportation and ready to use on site. And smaller sizes like XD500L-3 and XD260L-3 triple pot still continuous distillers for high quality spirits are available in stock.

Models and Specifications of Patented Multi Pot Still

ModelDescriptionNominal spirit output/material wine need for 8 hoursHeating methodPowerDimensions
XD20L-2MDual Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 20L, Manual Control15L/80-100LElectric/steam coil380V 2KW-4KW1450*500*1300
XD50L-2MDual Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 50L, Manual Control30L/160L-200LElectric/steam coil380V3.5KW-5KW1800*660*1700
XD50L-2Dual Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 50L, Automatic Control30L/160L-200LElectric/steam coil380V3.5KW-5KW1800*660*1700
XD50L-3Triple Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 50L, Automatic Control50L/200L-300LElectric/steam coil380V 3KW-8KW2750*660*1700
XD100L-3Triple Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 100L, Automatic Control100L/360L-550LElectric/steam coil380V 6KW-12KW3100*800*1850
XD260L-3Triple Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 260L, Automatic Control260L/600L-800LElectric/steam coil380V 9KW-15KW3500*950*2000
XD500L-3Triple Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 500L, Automatic Control500L/1500L-2000LElectric/steam coil380V 12KW-18KW5500*1200*3200
XD1000L-3Triple Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 1000L, Automatic Control1000L/2500L-3000LSteamSteam boiler7200*1500*3300
XD3000L-3Triple Pot Still Continuous Distiller, each still size 3000L, Automatic Control3000L/8000L-10000LSteamSteam boiler10530*2200*4560