Operate your distiller remotely

Xues’ Distiller has developed its dedicated mobile App for remote monitoring and control to your own distillation system. With Android mobile phone installed with the App, all electric motions are available including heater on/off, pump actuation, valve actuation, and displays including temperatures and other status.

We do custom for mobile use

a smart phone held by hands displays the flow diagram of the distillation process
Smart phone remote control to pot still

Actually we have had one mobile distiller for brandy production in Ningxia province and it promoted our brand a lot. Now we have many users from Ningxia province that is a famous grape area. Besides, we have one mobile XD500L-3 triple pot still distiller as well as several smaller models available for rental to Penglai grape area, which is near our company, and others also.

Mobile 3000L distiller
a skid mounted distiller including three pot stills, one heat exchanger and pipelines and control stand
Mobile 500L pot still distiller
Mobile distiller for brandy