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Case Show Of Brandy Distillation-Visit The Napa Village Winery

It is located in Penglai Production area of grape. It owns 960 acres of grape. This is the second distillation production of Napa Village. Last year they produced near 400 Liters and the performance was excellent. This year they tripled the production of brandy.

100L Triple Pot Still

One Xues Distiller 100L triple pot still is distilling brandy, automatic running. It is skid mounted with casters, easy installation.

Distillation of grapes into spirit

The alcohol concentration of base wine is 12% ABV and the product spirit is 68% ABV. The cooling water consumption is very small so they use tap water and not recycle it.

Spirit sampling service

Thank you for browsing. If you are interested in multi pot still spirit production, please let us know and contact us for sample spirits.