Xues’ Distiller User Won FISA Medals

Xues’ Distiller user Anhui Huangshan The Hermitage Wine Estate won medals at FISA 2023 autumn.

Its mulberry Brandy 42% V/V won gold medal and the mulberry and raspberry brandy 53% V/V won silver medal at France International Spirits Awards 2023 autumn.

France International Spirits Awards 2023 autumn

Xues’ Distiller user The Hermitage Wine Estate won a total of

1 Gold Medal / 1 Silver Medal

We are honored that Xue’s Distiller exclusively supplied one XD1000L-3, a continuous three-still distillation unit with daily production of 3000L high alcohol V/V distillate, to our customer for the distillation of all of the company’s brandies. The equipment adopts the patented pot still distillation method, continuous distillation in multiple pots, and the spirit is produced in one go, the flavor substances are effectively retained, the product spirit is full of berry aromas.

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three huge pot stills sitting in blocks construction heat isolation, red copper onion heads, swan necks and pipelines, one heat exchanger aside

Furthermore, we utilize APP on mobile for remote monitoring and control and increased continuous production rate.
The award is also an affirmation that Xue’s distiller multi-still continuous distillation equipment, and we are proud of it.

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