XD3000L-3 Triple Pot Still Continuous Distillation Equipment

  • Distillers Model: XD3000L-3
  • Each Still Size: 3000L
  • Control method: Automatic Control
  • Nominal alcohol output/material wine need for 8 hours: 3000L/8000L-10000L
  • Heating method: Steam
  • Power: Steam boiler
  • Dimensions: 10530*2200*4560

Distiller Description

This 3,000L triple pot still is the largest currently available. Distiller is composed of three pot stills, one heat exchanger, multiple pipeline and electrical control system. The multiple pot stills work in turn for continuous production batches. This is the key to aroma generation and concentration, which improves alcohol richness. It is used for high quality alcohol production.

Distillation System Working Principle

There are dedicated outlet pipes to each pot still for head, heart and tail. Each goes out through its dedicated pipe so there is no mix between each other. No pipeline wastage enables utility maximization. After the head is cut, the heart is collected directly as final product. The tail is added to the other pot still and reused for next batch.


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